George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch post production facility is a natural expression of a visionary film maker. Mr. Lucas invited our perceptions back into movies with his "Star Wars" trilogy. These movies represented a total crafting of the sensate environment, with seamless marriages between sound effects, music, dialog and image. No expense was spared in the design and installation of the Ranch. Over 400 miles of wire was pulled and meticulously laid. Upwards of 100,000 connections were required to interconnect the most cutting edge equipment available. The low voltage wiring contract was handled by the David Carroll Electronics' crew of 18 on site installers and 10 off site pre-fabricators.

Michael Stocker managed the on site installation crew, working with the Lucas Engineering department to design and implement this premier facility. Coordinating the task required his muti-disciplinary skills and knowledge of sound design, acoustics, electrical power distribution, communications, sound and film production, low voltage systems, grounding, and machine control. The smooth execution of the job required clear communication between the various technical, personnel and administration departments. When the installation was benchmarked at completion, the installation error rate was below .001% - and everyone is still civil to each other.