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Gothic Sound and Sacred Architecture

How a schism in the Catholic Church almost occurred during the Gothic era due to a fundamental disagreement on the architectural use of sound versus the use of vision in presenting the glory of God. This piece is part of a radio series on sound perception.

Infra-sonics and Bird Migration

How birds navigate across the latitudes of the globe using their perception of ultra low frequency sound to map their migration routes. This piece is part of a radio series on sound perception.

Ultrasonic Communication

How Bats and Insects use ultra high frequencies to "see" and how Dolphins use these sounds to communicate with each other in sonic holograms. This piece is part of a radio series on sound perception.


A short piece on the expansive vocabulary of birds.


Some facts about the corvid family that bear consideration.

Blue Jay Hoodlums

This piece reveals the rather nasty nature of one of our favorite mischief-makers.


Hunting reconsidered: How hunting has been with us since language, and is still very much a part of our humanity.

El Encuentro

This article is about the diversity of indigenous languages in the western hemisphere. The inquiry springs out of an account of a remarkable encounter of Elders, Healers and delegates from 300 indigenous tribes that took place in Mexico in 1993 - El Encuentro Continental de Gente Indigenas. The article uses the Encuentro as a background to explore reasons for the cultural and linguistic diversity encountered by the Europeans as they explored, conquered and settled in the "New World." It proposes that the very diversity of the indigenous languages along with the predicate of "time" in the European languages accounts in large part for the European's success in their conquest. The article stresses that the experiential teachings of the indigenous languages may serve to heal our relationship to the land on which we live.