"Hear Where We Are" is a book about sound perception. Unlike most technical treatments on sound and hearing, this work explores the natural history of sound perception from the standpoint of the subjective experience of sound and how it affects our sense of placement. The book intersects the fields of acoustics, cognitive science, animal communication, language, culture and architecture to reawaken our appreciation of how sound connects us to our surroundings. It will be published in June 2013 by Springer.

The book is divided into the following chapters:

Chapter 1:Sound and the Subconscious
Perception as a means of survival - what we perceive and why.

Chapter 2:Song of Creation
Impact of the Self on the Environment

Chapter 3:Hearing, Cognition, Memory
The Art and Artifacts of Sound Perception
i. )Hearing
ii. )Listening
iii. )Understanding
iv. )Mapping

Chapter 4:The Vocabulary of our Surroundings
The Experience of Space and Environment

Chapter 5:House and Home
Places to Nourish Family and Self

Chapter 6:Work Places
Places for Creation, Purpose and the Expression of Self

Chapter 7:Public Commons
Places to Cultivate Community

Chapter 8:Sacred Spaces
Places for the Elevation of Spirit